Chasing Ice / Extreme Ice Survey

I have not written about the new move “Chasing Ice”, because so many others have written about it. The official website here; and the official trailer is here:

However, for those of us living in a country where it is has not yet made it to the cinemas, there are already some amazing videos from the “Extreme ice survey” – the project that is the basis for the movie.

First, we have James Balog’s TED talk from 2009, which you find at the TED website or here: 

PBS Nova also made an episode dedicated to the extreme ice survey. (Season 3/2009 episode 10.) For those with an US ip-address it can probably be watched here:

For those with an US iTunes account the PBS Nova episode can be bought for a small amount here: 

The extreme ice survey website also has many nice stop-motion videos of glaciers acting like giant conveyor belts:



One Comment on “Chasing Ice / Extreme Ice Survey”

  1. teamrpmblog says:

    i can’t believe i haven’t seen it in theater where i’m at.

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